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Team v Rabbitohs


Yeah, i don't get it. Not at all. Egan looked good when called on at 6, but we need him at 9 and tbh Asi has looked more promising at 6 than Lussick has at 9

Good to see Aitken shifted and Pompey dropped
Pompeys one arm tackle on Olam not good enough for you?

Penrose Warrior

First Grade
I think he fades deep in a game.
Isn't that an inexperience/fitness issue, though? Nothing prepares you for the rigours of an NRL game like actually playing them.

I agree with a lot of other people, I see a lot of promise in Asi. I also think Lussick is bog average, and Egan has been our one consistent spark out of dummy half.

I'd also wonder why Curran is on the bench, when Pene is starting and hasn't shown much at all. Lack of match fitness as well?

Having said that, I have been impressed with Stacey's willingness to change the look of our side, and maybe he's seeing something we aren't. I'd suggest that would absolutely be the case, given he isn't coaching to impress for a job, yet he'll still want us to develop players as he's with the club next year and beyond. There must be a reason he's playing our best 9 at 6, when Asi is available.

And it is good to see Pompey out of the side. Nothing against him, but I just feel like he has never offered much to our team.


Stacey has stated in interview that he’s interested in winning games over developing next years players and given how Egan went at 6 last game he thinks it’s our strongest option. I don’t disagree.

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