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Team v Raiders


Barnett reminds me of Kevin Campion in terms of a hard man that raises everyone else’s game
Huge game, side looks solid although Walker adds more attack. However with Metcalf we get better attack if he doesn’t overplay his role. The way the forwards played last weekend we can match them upfront.
I was super impressed with Barnett coming back from such a worrying injury he played at 110%


For all Ali's raw talent as a strong tackler and runner, he has (like Berry and others) a terrible positioning sense, which ideally the older Wingers and CNK will support him and tell him where to stand.
As such I expect the same rough run of games Berry and Kosi went through, not their fault, we do not have the local comp to train these guys.

But long term he has all the hallmarks of a decent Center, especially the way he follows the ball and stays busy, it doesn't do any harm that he can pass, stand and offload, bust tackles, and has a little bit of pace for a big kid.

I am looking forward to when he hits someone and they get up and wonder who is this kid, him and Kosi together would be a very intimidating pair to run into.

Manu Vatuvei

I don't know a lot about Leiataua but what I do know is he scored 2 pretty scintillating solo tries last week that I coincidentally happened to see on twitter. On both occasions he just got the ball at first receiver and charged through and around the defence like you'd see a kid do in an under-7s game, the second in particular was a 60+ metre run directly from a scrum.

I feel like he can only be a disappointment from here based on that excessively good early impression.


This is an ambush game. Crokers 300th at home. Rather face Melbourne at home on ANZAC ;-)


I suspect we won't get much love from the referees. I'd say we are odds on to be penalized in our first defensive set. Tackle 3 or 4.