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Teamlist for the slippery eels


1. William Kennedy
2. Sione Katoa
3. Josh Dugan
4. Connor Tracey'
5. Ronaldo Mulitalo
6. Matt Moylan
7. Chad Townsend
8. Braden Hamlin-Uele
9. Blayke Brailey
10. Aaron Woods
11. Briton Nikora
12. Wade Graham
13. Toby Rudolph

14. Teig Wilton
15. Aiden Tolman
16. Jack Williams
17. Billy Magoulias

18. Mawene Hiroti
19. Nene Macdonald
20. Andrew Fifita
21. Brayden Trindall

Don Tweddle

Team list for the Jets. They play at 5.10 at Bankwest:

1 Luke Metcalf (Kris Gale & Brasco)
2 Edward Aiono (Golden Barley Hotel)
3 Jonah Ngaronoa (Charles Bailey Urbane Property Inner West)
4 Kayal Iro (John Cahill & Jennifer Malone)
5 Honeti Tuha (Golden Barley Hotel)
6 Jack A Williams (Adam Whyte)
7 Manaia Rudolph (The Daaboul Family)
8 Thomas Hazelton (Mark Dewar)
9 Zac Woolford (Glen Archibald)
10 Daniel Vasquez (Dave Nelson & Steven Helmich)
11 Kayleb Milne (Manoosh Pizzeria)
12 Bronson Garlick (Nifty Foods)
13 Gabe Hamlin (Loudon & Vaughan Private Wealth)

14 Monty Raper (BRI Ferrier & Label Plus)
15 Kyle Paterson (Wayne Leong & Kim Fuller)
16 Brock Gray (Good Fellows Sports & Socks)
22 Dylan O’Connor (SMI – Sports Medicine Institute)

Coach: Greg Matterson (Arc Commercial Furniture)

Tiger Shark

That bench....

It's really the best we can do till Talakai and or Hunt are back.

I'm not including Fifita. If he's not getting picked ahead of these guys then I trust Bomber knows alot more to the situation than we do.

Besides he's due a late minute change anyway

Cheese sandwich

Fifita must be absolutely finished with that bench getting picked ahead of him. That's 2009-2011 bad those 4 players.

Stake Removed

First Grade
We need to purchase an outside back as cover if Ferris out extended time.
The useless Hiroti/McDonald.
We need to be looking around to who is available as we now have spot vacant with Xerri out

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