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And the Brazil fixture is Packers

Strange decision IMO but seems the NFL chose and not the eagles


Howie doing Howie things

The two best CBs in the draft are ours and all we had to do was essentially swap a 2nd rounder for a 3rd.

I expect OL depth to be addressed next pick


I was overseas during the draft so wasnt able to follow it as closely as id liked
I was stunned to steal some wifi around the time i expected us to be on the clock and found our pick of CBs there

Could go wrong, i think Terrion Arnold is a very good player and it might turn out that he's better than Mitchell, but Mitchell was my #1 CB in this class and i think he was most peoples #1. So that's a slam dunk
And to get the guy i actually thought they'd take at 22 (anticipating those 2 corners being gone) down at 40 and doubling down on the secondary is fantastic

Really love that. DeJean can play all over the place. With him, CJGJ, Isiah Rodgers and Blankenship i feel really good about the secondary. It's got a couple of good outside corners in Slay and Mitchell (Bradbury too if bounces back but i doubt that!), they can use Blankenship, CJGJ and DeJean as versatile safeties and then they can almost bump one of those guys down into the slot nickle position with Avonte Maddox and Isiah Rodgers also on the roster

Eli Ricks and Relee Ringo should round out the room... expect guys like McPhearson and Jobe will end up cut and i'd be surprised if Bradbury is on the roster, maybe they'll trade him for pennies just to clear the cap?


2024 Schedule has dropped. Non Sunday afternoon games noted in brackets

vs Packers (Friday night - Brazil)
vs Falcons (MNF)
@ Saints
@ Bucs
vs Browns
@ Giants
@ Bengals
vs Jags (SNF)
@ Cowboys
vs Commanders (TNF)
@ Rams (SNF)
@ Ravens
vs Panthers
vs Steelers
@ Commanders
vs Cowboys
vs Giants

Overall I'm happy and this is more user friendly than 2023.

The biggest negative IMO is the week 5 bye. In an 18 week schedule I don't think any teams should be having a bye prior to week 7 but it is what it is and we have had some luck with bye timings the last few years. They will have to manage the roster over 13 straight regular season games though.

There is no gauntlet of games to the extent of ;last year which destroyed us but the toughest stretch appears to be weeks 8-13 with games away games against CIN, DAL, LAR and BAL with home games against JAX and WAS wedged in.

The last 5 weeks looks a much better end to the season than last year with 4 home games and the only away game not requiring a plane.

My early record prediction....

We split the AFC North (probably win both at home and lose both away).
We beat JAX
I'm going to say we go 3-1 against the NFC South losing to either NO or TB
I think we split packers and rams
We go 5-1 in the division

Final record of 12-5 finishing with the 2 or 3 seed.


I've also got us going 12-5
With loses to Packers, Bengals, Cowboys, Rams and Ravens

think the early bye is a bit of a hassle but we’re also on the road a lot early so I think it’s probably OK
but the late run of home games is pretty nice. It’s certainly a better schedule than last year and as you say, no gauntlet like last year

things break our way injury wise, we could snatch a game or two more and push for the 1 seed
Things don’t go our way and it could be a 9-10 season, miss the play offs and clear house

real boom or bust potential with this squad


Fairest schedule we’ve had in years.

Week 5 bye not my favorite but it sets up a 12 week sprint. Try to lock up #1 seed by week 17. Rest everyone week 18.
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In somewhat humorous news, apparently there is an informal ban on the colour green for any and all fans and players at Corinthians arena due to the local soccer team's main rival who wears green.

This is obviously problematic due to both Philly and GB wearing green. No word on if they will enforce this but it might be a case of us in all black and them in all white.

I do find it hard to believe though that they will ban Americans travelling for the game from wearing Eagles or Packers green jerseys