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The Brad Arthur experiment. 8 years on….

Matthew Corner

I’ve been curious as to how long the Parra Board will tolerate basic Brad.
mental giant….nope.
effective vocabulary……nope
master tactician…..nope
inspirational speaker……nope.

yet despite his obvious deficiencies he has support from high profile people.
So much so that even after 8 years, and has zero chance of winning a comp, Parra are not looking elsewhere.
Ironically,Brad was saved due to the destabilising nature of poor management and board upheavals some years ago.
Will Parra maintain the status quo or be brave like the Sharks and target a coach who they believe can deliver a premiership?

Stay tuned


If parramatta dont win another game this year it will become untenable. It already is looking that way anyway.

Just because not much is being said publically atm doesnt mean it isn't being discussed privately.

The board i believe weren't happy with the fade out last year going off media reports after the loss to souths. And we are going down a similar route this year.

Personally i think its good our board dont leak as much anymore. If the axe is wielded out of nowhere it may brutal but its better then say the tigers with madge atm on a weekly basis like chinese water torture or us in the past where everything that got discussed in the board meetings made front page news the next day.

Mr Spock!

Brad's certainly establishing a dynasty at the Eels like Bennett, Robinson and Bellamy.

Could he be the first coach to have a 10 year stint at one club and win sfa?


Who do they replace him with? There simply isn't enough quality coaches around.

Phil Gould should lobby for a 'coaches academy' for prospective coaches with a receding hairline.

Thats the difficult one.

The coach available i personally would go for is bennett. The new Brisbane team has been pushed back at least another 12 months so thats 3 years away. Wayne ain't going back to the broncos while ikin is there. He might take the maroons job perhaps

And parra is probably in a similar spot the dragons in the late 2000s when wayne took over they would start off fast and fade in the back end. Wayne would have the side believe they can win the comp.

Rookie coaches are no guarantee to be successful. Look at Adam O'Brien he was supposed to be the best thing since slice bread as assistant at Melbourne and the roosters and i reckon Newcastle have underperformed with that roster since he took over.

Justin Holbrook similar at titans with big wraps. They have improved their attack but i dare say their defense is still the same as it was under previous regimes and results are still mediocre.


Post Whore
Been wanting this for sooooooo long

go away gtfo GIF

Matthew Corner

Dogs and cats hey,
is that like a new merger?
I could see that working.……the Penrith Bulldogs.
Embrace the future. SuperLeague

Perth Red

Im surprised given the lack of talent that no one has tried to bring Tony Smith back from SL over the years. He's a proven winning coach and is even managing to turn my perenial rabble into looking something like a professional team!

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