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The Cocktail (and Spirits) Thread


Post Whore

Been drinking more whisky this year. Still a wine man first, tbh. It's very different, f**king hard to switch your palate and I don't really want to fully switch it anyway.

Anyway the one I wanted to get any other whisky merkins on to is Finlaggan Port Cask, if you can find it. It's an Islay. I love Speyside, but I also love Islay and oddly it's often the easiest to drink with my vino palate? I think the smoke masks the heat.

This Finlaggan shit rocks. Peated Islay, finished in proper Portuguese port casks. Ever had heavily smoked bacon with pancakes and some sort of sweet fruity sauce, maybe berries? That's kinda what this tastes like. So good. Smoky and sweet with a really dry finish.

I've also just ordered a (3 bottle) case of Laphroaig Lore, which even as a Speyside fan is my all time fave whisky...

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