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The future of woman's RL


QLD now on top with field position. Look a more gelled side.
#12 Papalii and #8 Yarrow the standouts early for QLD.


Massive forward pass for NSW to hit back. Touchie must be blind.

Great sideline conversion though.

10$ Ferret

Staff member
And interesting game. I only saw bits and pieces. I thought the ref was pretty ordinary and very pro QLD.
QLD were much better than the invitational side (Not a NSW rep team). They seemed to all be footballers.

To be honest I was a bit disappointed in the quality of the game esp from the nonQLD team. I was still very happy that something like this is going on. Lets hope it keeps going.

I do agree I think QLD will dominate the Australian team. I think Bulman was one of the other teams best. She just needs to learn to be a bit more relaxed in her passing


2022 Australian Schoolgirls
1 Georgia Willey (Erindale College)
2 Piper Simons (Stella Maris College)
3 Tia-Jordyn Vasilovski (Caroline Chisholm College)
4 Litia Fusi (Westfield SHS)
5 Ebony Rafstrand-Smith (Keebra Park SHS)
6 Sienna Lofipo (Marsden SHS)
7 Tallara Bamblett (The Hills SHS)
8 Lillian Yarrow (Emmaus College)
9 Ally Bullman (Narrabeen SHS)
10 Eliza Lopamaua (Woodridge SHS)
11 Shaylee Joseph (Mabel Park SHS)
12 Latisha Smythe (Endeavour SHS)
13 Tavarna Papalii (Keebra Park SHS)
14 India Seeto (Marsden SHS)
15 Theophelia Mosby– Nona (Kirwan SHS)
16 Aerielle Hobbler (Mareeba SHS)
17 Tiresa Elika (Ipswich SHS)

Coaching Staff
Coach: Melissa Spero (Warilla High School)
Manager: Scott Whybird (Mareeba State High School)
Assistant Coach: (Sherree Bush – Catholic Sport Office Canberra/Goulburn)
Trainer: Jayden Best (Stretton State College)

See: https://www.nrl.com/news/2022/07/22/inaugural-2022-australian-schoolgirls-team-announced/

The Partisan

QLD 30 def NSW/ACT 6

Should see a strong representation from QLD named in the Australian side to tour Europe.
Is there information on the tour to Europe ?
I think Women's / Girls RL has a greater potential to spread the code than the Men's game.

Being in the top ten / twenty nations is an attractive carrot to dangle to government bodies.

Outside the Oceanic, Celtic, English and French squads I think the competition for places will be reasonably even in the early days and then it will be up to who invests more into the women's game.

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