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The Las Vegas Thread


First Grade
I would assume Allegiant is wider then the High School field they played this game on.

This was sardines stuff.

It's wider. The USA v Canada game was using the NFL dimensions. You can see on the right hand side at least where the NFL sideline was compared to the NRL sideline.

You can also see it in this shot the difference.


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What do you think of the ingoals? Particularly the back corner.

View attachment 84667
They’ll put pillows in the corners
We need to know asap the 4 teams for Vegas 2025 . So the fans can plan accordingly
For the overseas travel. Going by media reports. 10s of thousands have travelled to Vegas for NRL Vegas round. From all over the world
They are talking about picking them in 6? weeks. I hope the Saints get a gig, I’d love to go!


First Grade
Penn and Politis already saying they want to stay. Typical. They may want to wait and see how they feel about it after round 3

ash the bash

Well its game day and I have been up since 4 very excited.

Some comments on the NRL fan fest.

- Majority of supporters Broncos then Souths then Manly, Roosters not as many. Mind you my mate was a Rooster but did not have colours on.
- It was very very well organised, everything from security to the MC to the music. The company the NRL hired did a great job, mind you its Vegas and they are experts at it. I noticed the American MC started off saying "Rugby fans" he changed that real quick to Rugby League fans, little thing I noticed.
- One of the best vibes, the whole place went off. After the teams had the band come on then the DJ who kept the tempo going. The set up is insane you have these street bars on Fremont street so everyone was getting on it. It just felt like a massive RL celebration met a couple of English supporters too.
- Its quite funny, we went out on the intention that we were going to have a quiet night as we been on it nearly every night. Anyway 2 edibles and 10 beers (I discovered blue moon beer) later we ended back at the resort sometime between 2-3... still not really sure, so much for the quiet night :)

I met the rest of people who are in our box last night at dinner. All white collar workers bankers, insurance etc... who have gone to private schools, in fact some of them are not even real RL fans but are here for the event. If this was another time they would be in a box at the Super rugby round in Melbourne. A lot of people are knocking the concept primarily based on Yanks not getting into it. Jeez I have had one of the best weeks of my life here, still have the Micheal Jackson show and canyon helicopter ride coming up after the game. It's been brilliant, seeing all the jersey's around the strip, up the bunnies, the smile and nod you get from other RL supporters. I could not recommend it more if your team is selected to come play in future, save up do what you have to do and get here. It's a blast.

Let you know how we go at the game :)


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