The Mayor of Townsville just left town...

Discussion in 'FFB Fantasy League' started by HappyBadger, Sep 9, 2015.

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    What in the bubbly sparkly world is going on? Bring on the sparkles, it's Powerpuff Time!

    Yeah, at the Ponte Preta - Brisbane match next week, a family that brings a daughter wearing rugby kit gets in for a fiver each...

    ...but wait, there's more!

    If the daughter of a family takes the skills test, live in front of the whole stadium, that family gets in free! And there will be prizes, including autographed photos and other merch...and the top 34 play a game after Billy Goats and Bulls, for pride and more prizes!

    1300 Smiles Stadium, of course, as the Powerpuff Girls give northern Queenslanders a good time...

    ...oh, the rugby main course, Brisbane having to do another key match in Queensland, against an unheralded side like Ponte your ab crunches beforehand!
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    Should be a cracker of a match!

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