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The Rumours Thread



27 players choosing to give the middle finger to the clubs official awards night is explained away by the usual apologists as a media beat up and "nothing to see here". You could explain a handful, but if TWENTY SEVEN isn't a reflection of the players frustration for the direction that the club is headed in, on and off the field, i don't know what would be.
My partner just suggested perhaps the Dragons should put Paul Vaughan in charge of events at the club! He has proven success at getting players to attend he got 27 out of 30 😂😂😂😂


So the clues so far are:
1. It is a big name prop
2. Still under contract
3. Not Leniu, Musgrove or any other plodders

Surely it would have to be Martin or Fifita right? I am so out of hope for the Dragons I am wholeheartedly invested in randomdragon’s rumour 😅
Martin & Fifita aint props

baggygreen man

Liam Martin
His stats dont scream out 'buy him'. Is not a line buster, an offloader and his defense is 86% effective. Obviously Penrith FO have noted this and reason he is on the market. Being in a premiership winning team will mean his price will probably now be too much for our measly kitty in any case. Those players that were rumored as prospective buys, Murchie, Leniu look like signing elsewhere. Musgrove also seems to have gone off our radar. I say we make a big play for David Fifita our main priority.
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