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Trent Merrin and Bevan French will be signed within next 10 days.. see you then to discuss ...


I will bite even though I have abstained from everywhere 'who we will/should sign' thread, as it doesn't matter who plays under Mary, they will lose. I will just say Bevan French would be exactly the player we don't need right now. Fast yes but tiny, and another one who would just get smashed and ragdolled giving the opposition confidence.


Signing French would be a sideways move. The biggest issues with our back 3 are kick returns and safety under the high-ball. Bevan would not improve on those issues, in fact he'd probably add to them.

Merrin i'd be willing to give a shot, but he was to work f**king HARD. He's been poor for a few years now.

I know Basil can only work with the hand he's dealt, there's not a lot out there at the moment.