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Trial #1 vs. CQ Capras Discussion

Big Pete

Central Queensland Capras vs. The Dolphins
Browne Park, Saturday 10 February 2024
Kick Off: 6:10pm (AEST)


1. Blake Moore 2. Carsen Huth 3. Cooper Marshall 4. Jesse Jennings 5. Kurtis Farr 6. Kazzi Doyle 7. Jack Madden (c) 8. Khaiya Waiembi 9. Brandon Clarke 10. Harrison Leonard 11. Zev John 12. Larson Dale-Doyle 13. Aaron Teroi

14. Harry Barham 15. Jeremy McLachlan 16. Riley Reid 17. Ilami Buli 18. Isaiah Vailalo 19. Maea Mitchell 20. Jackson Miller 21. Bob Tenza 22. Selemaia Taungahihifo 23. Brandon Roberts 24. Jesuah Winni


1. Trai Fuller 2. Brenton Baira 3. Tesi Niu 4. Valynce Te Whare 5. Jack Bostock 6. Kurt Donoghoe 7. Gerome Burns 8. Max Bailey 9. Trey Brown 10. Cooper Jenkins 11. Jeremiah Simbiken 12. Oryn Keeley 13. Mason Teague

14. Aaron Moore 15. Lachlan Hubner 16. Judah Rimbu 17. Max Plath 18. Brent Woolf 19. Jaron Purcell 20. Caleb Jackson 21. Steven Numambo 22. Aublix Tawha 23. Manase Kaho
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Big Pete

Welcome back everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and you're ready for the next chapter in Dolphin's history.

Just like last year it all begins against the Capras. NRL squad players Tesi Niu, Valynce Te Whare, Jack Bostock, Oryn Keeley, Mason Teague and Max Plath will get an early audition to stake their claims heading into 2024.

I'll be very curious to see how that left-side performs together. Both Niu and Bostock played alongside one another last season and while there was plenty of room for improvement, both certainly have enough time to develop their skills and their communication.

Both centres have supposedly trained the house down and shed a lot of weight, so they will be looking to stake their claim heading into the season opener against the Cowboys.

It's a good opportunity to see one of the new recruits in Keeley. That signing seemingly took place under the radar, but Keeley is the type of hard-working backrower the Dolphins are looking to make their name on and I'd expect to see him in action at some point this season.

Hopefully a stream will be available and we'll get a glimpse on what lies ahead.


First Grade
A few with a point to prove. Some need a big game to show that they are up to the big time, especially with new signings in their positions.

Big Pete

Dolphins 58 (T. Niu 3, C. Jenkins 2, V. Te Whare, G. Burns, C. Jackson, B. Woolf, M. Kaho tries; T. Brown 5/6, B. Baira 2/2, L. Hubner 2/2 goals) def. CQ Capras 6

The Dolphins have opened their 2024 campaign with a dominant win over the Capras at Rockhampton.

It was a total mismatch, the Capras couldn't get out of their own way while the Dolphins were far too organised. It would have been easy for the Dolphins to play to the Capras level, but they fell into their structures and patterns and were able to coast to victory.

By half-time, the majority of the NRL contracted players were given an early spell and it was just the QRL affiliates on the field.

The main take-away was the left edge of Niu and Bostock who combined nicely and deserve another opportunity to press their claims against the Titans in next week's trial.

Otherwise it was just a nice night out and the players all represented the jersey nicely.

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