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Ultimate Royal Rumble

Shaun Hewitt

First Grade
Task - Compile a list of 30 superstars who are the best at Royal Rumbles, criteria for selection can be anything but not limited to things like Wins, Eliminations, Time Spent, Most Appearances (but are they meaningful?)

1 Stone Cold - Winner of multiple Royal Rumbles, and 1999 was the focus as well
2 HBK Shawn Michaels - First man to go 1 and win
3 Flair, many people say 92 was the best rumble in history, largely in part to this mans effort
4 Kane, star of the 2001 rumble, so many appearances, so many eliminations.
5 Hogan, winner of multiple early rumbles, deserves his place
6 Big Show, while never won, he has been in the final 4 many times
7 Randy Orton, always seems to go deep into these things.
8 Roman Reigns, another who goes far or wins or gets eliminations.
9 Edge. Multiple winner and the best comeback of all time.
10 Andre. Bit of a steep one here as he never really dominated a rumble as such but the threat was always there.
11 Diesel, for his 94 run. First genuine 'monster' to dominate a rumble IIRC
12 Brock Lesnar, 2020 rumble was so dominant, and previous winner
13 Batista, multiple winner.
14 Rey rey. His 2006 effort alone gives him an entry into this list
15 The Rock - prior to winning the 2000, i vividly remember him spending alot of time in the 98 rumble.
16 Drew McIntyre - His rumble win in 2020 has probably lifted him most out of any rumble winner.
17 Bret Hart, co winner of 94, big threat in 97 and IIRC, was the first entrant in the 88 rumble (correct me if i'm wrong?)
18 John Cena, that pop in 2008....
19 Taker, with HBK probably the best final 2 battle ever. Also part of one of the most shocking eliminations ever (Maven)
20 Hacksaw, based purely on he was the original Royal Rumble (PPV) winner
21 Chyna (this is based on a mens rumble). Made history with 99 and 2000.
22 British Bulldog his runs in the mid 90s, coming so close. He seemed like a genuine threat to win
23 Ted DiBiase I believe it was 91, where he lasted fo what seemed an eternity
24 Mankind/Cactus Jack/Dude Love just for the 1998 shenanigans!
25 Chris Benoit, although we can't talk about him.
26 Triple H, mulitple winner, multiple runner up
27 Daniel Bryan, based purely on the GRR performance
28 Bob Backlund, due to his 93 (i think is the year?) performance
29 Jericho, to date the longest participant in rumbles altogether
30 Kingston just due to his saves

UNLUCKY are MIz and Ziggler cause I hate them and potentially Yokozuna?