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us the fans


i thought i mention us fans ,today i think we showed even though our team has been crap we the fans are amazeing supporters turning up a full house , on a saturday afternoon with so many young kids how good is that ,keep up the great work fans and support our club throught good times and bad ....:D

Old Timer

Hey muzby
How you doing there my old sparring partner I hope you and yours are all keeping well

Oh for the days of 3 grades with the main game on the dot of 3pm sadly Melbourne will never know the greatness of it.

Huge crowd today streaming into the ground today even after kick off was a great sight for my sore old eyes and I hope all the kids had a great day and a cold pie after all they have to learn about the highs and lows of KJO sometime lol.


When you play a fellow Sydney team during the day you get a crowd.
Souths had a lot of fans.
They would if havec to shut the gates if we were up the ladder.
Well in the gong for all except 1,last game at Kogarah.
There are mostly Thursday and Fridays.

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