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V'landys vision.


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The NRL's all-powerful boss Peter V'landys has set his sights on starting a second Brisbane team which will be up and running in two years.

And V'landys has threatened to "run over" anyone who tries to stop another major plan aimed at bringing more tribalism back into league.

Under a "bombshell" headline, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that V'landys - the most dynamic leader in southern hemisphere sport for many years – wants a decision on the second Brisbane team made by June.

Two of the game's greatest coaches, Craig Bellamy and Wayne Bennett, will be off contract at the end of this year. One of them could end up helping build the new club from next year.

The Broncos have mainly had Brisbane to themselves - apart from when Super League's Crushers were in town - and were once the game's superpower. But they have been struggling of late and finished with the wooden spoon in the Covid-19 hit 2020 season.

There are four bidders for the new franchise lining up with the favourite probably being the Redcliffe Dolphins, who have a short term agreement with the Warriors enabling the Auckland club to send players there each week in lieu of a reserve grade team.

"It's very realistic to say that we'll have a second team in Brisbane in 2023," V'landys told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I am impressed with how advanced these bids are. They are not mucking around. They are serious.

"If we came to a decision in June this year, that would give them a year and a half. It's plenty of time. If it's going to happen , it's going to happen mid this year."

The Gold Coast Titans were the last new club admitted, 14 years ago, making it a 16-team competition.

Meanwhile V'landys is demanding the game support his desire to bring back all three grades to each club.

He says having reserve grade and under-21 games before the main game each week will help re-establish club identities.

And he has had major support from people such as Canberra coach Ricky Stuart who said: "Our game thrives on tribalism…(this) would only be enhancing tribalism by giving fans an even greater connection to their club."

V'landys said he would do whatever it takes to make it happen.

"Anyone that gets in the way will get run over.

"The fans aren't going to be robbed by anyone…in all the time I've bene in rugby league, this has received the greatest reaction from fans.

"And you have to do what your customer wants."



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This guy is great for our game. A real step up from previous office holders.
Of course the fans want to see all three grades play on game day.
Maybe a South Island team?


I love seeing all three grades play but not necessarily always on game day and under the same club name- I really like having reserve grade playing for a traditional feeder club and playing at least some of their games at traditional grounds like Henson Park as well. It’s a great way to keep an element of league history alive, is great for both nostalgia and merchandising and also provides an affordable, family friendly option for fans.