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Walsh turns back on lucrative payday.


I reckon you guys will end up with TMM, it makes no sense for us to keep him. The delay is probably because he hasn't got a contract for 2023, so they probably have to conjure up a deal with TMM's management, rather than Broncos management

It's obvious to me why Warriors only wanted to deal with Brisbane, Dolphins have literally nothing to offer and if that was Walsh's preferred destination then it works perfectly for both parties. I don't know what we had to offer either, considering TMM is basically a free agent for next year

I think the clubs have a healthy relationship, we've given you guys a few over the years without anything coming back. Nikorima, Lodge (although that one was probably something the club pushed for), Walsh
I think the Warriors taking the drop kick Lodge off your hands balances out everything else. If it wasn't for Arthurs I reckon the Broncos would still owe the Warriors. 😉

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