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War Chest for 2022?


Does anyone on here know the size of our war chest for 2022 and who we are targeting. So far we have signed or rumoured to sign:

I would like to see us at the least, sign another first-grade prop and a first-grade second-row forward to replace Sims if he moves on., Burns and Ford just don't cut the mustard for me. McGuire is too risky and Fui is not consistent enough. For me Bird does not have the size or running style to make it in the back row.

Personally, I'd like to see Hunt at Hooker and our young halves Sullivan and Amone given the chance to form a combination in the halves.

With McInnes and then McCullough working overtime in defence, I think some of our forwards became lazy and too reliant on these players doing most of the defensive work.