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Warren Mcdonnell - Here is my Player Profile


Judging by the calibre of players Warren has been targeting for recruitment, I thought I may as well throw my hat in the ring.

It is widely known that Warren attends Management's Thursday night Poker sessions at coach Sheens' house. Some cynics claim that he only goes to take advantage of the Thursday night buffet provided by the Coach. However, I know that his real motivation is to put his poker skills to the test. Apparently Warren folds every hand, but when a pair of 3s, such as Danny Galea, or worse a 7-3 combo like Peter Lewis appear on the horizon Warren raises 50c's and gets his man. Thats why they call him the guru.

No doubt players like Roy Asotasi and Mark Omealy will soon be reciving their formal offer from the Tigers. Warren prefers the snail mail way of doing business. He posted them hand written letters, including a couple of vouchers and an offer for 9 holes of golf at Warren's local Camden Valley about 9 months ago. As Mr McD said with in relation to all the top liners, we had our name in the ring.

Of course, I was a superb player in my day with a great left hand offload, although I haven't pulled on the boots in years. However, with the guru at the helm I might be considered for a contract. My stats speak for themselves:

Club - Oberon
Age 40 +
Appearance 81 (1983-1992, One appearance in 1999)
Tries - 6
Averages Yards Per Hit Up - 5.7
Average Metres per game - 67
Poker Tips - Slow and Steady wins the race
Favourite Tigers player - Shannon
History repeating itself, just another driver at the helm
History repeating itself, just another driver at the helm

Awesome record.

I’d like to train and trial.

At 96 kilos, I’d make for a good paper bag to throw at Tammas and someone can tackle him while he swots me away.

Happy to fill in a role as an organic free weight in the coe, a witches hat for step training and carry the drinks for the gear steward.

Perhaps Lee needs a Butler to defluff his hat and straighten his tie before he makes a public appearance.

I could be the official wt apologiser. People can ring the club after the last belting and I could just cop the spray and say sorry all day.

“ What did you expect Madam? The f**king storm? We are sorry, really, trust me, now suck it up and next time, ring someone who cares.”

@stryker can be call centre supervisor!

Or an official promiser, but that’s hard to get into with so many club immortals of spin filling current positions. Well paid too.
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