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Week 1 finals - game day thread Eels v Knights


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this is a very high quality game. Both sides completing at 95% which is huge.

knights playing a lot better then their form line suggests.

we are also playing pretty good. Effort in defence is great.

However knights got a very luck call for their second try. Shouldnt have been awarded. 16 to 4 puts us in a very good position.

need to continue that effort and we should get the points.

Also we are looking very good attacking on our right, if Cartwright gets outs on the right he could contribute some nice touches. Think knights defence could play into Cartwright’s hands.

also Ponga definitely keeping knights in it


That was hard to watch. We may go on to win this game (still not convinced) but we will need to be 5 or 6 times better next week.

Newcastle missing plenty of tackles both sides of the ruck. I know there’s only a 6 point difference, but Newcastle are up against it. If newy go on to win this, it’ll be a decent effort.


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Knights are only just hanging in there by virtue of their completion rate, we have reamed them through the middle, a little patience, maybe a coupla repeat sets to tire them early in the second half and we will run away with it in the end.


First Grade
How the heck was Frizzell allowed back, how many times when the Eels were attacking did the Knights trainee stop play ( and get a breather), why wasn’t Sue in the sin bin for the crocodile roll.

Gutho told the ref that Dylan was mover out of position and players are told, if you hit someone in the defensive line it’s a no try, the bunker is about as useful as Klein, Waqa on report - gee someone is trying to outdo Perenara.

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