Weight restrictioins for juniour rugby league

Discussion in 'National Under 20s Competition' started by bigwal, Oct 29, 2016.

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    Does anybody know if the weight for age competition will go ahead for juniour rugby league in 2017?

    The NSWRL “W8s” pilot will begin at Richie Benaud Oval at North Parramatta on Thursday with an Under 10s competition for 36kg or less and an Under 12s competition for 47kg or less.

    Would anybody know if it will be implemented and what would be pros and cons of this?

    If you had a 10 year old who is 48kg, so do they now play in the under 13's ?

    What if the kid was 11 but weighed 35kg, where does he play?
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    There is one weight system i really liked; it smooths out the shittier aspects from purely age-based and Weight-based models...

    Each age given a standard weight (eg U12 > 45kg, U13 > 50kg, or something like that). All of the kids in each age group are split in 2 groupsbased on whether you were over or under that marker.

    Then they would combine the ages groups (Big U11s and Small U12s, Big U12s and Small U13).

    This way you would even the physical groupings without putting kids into groups they cant mentally handle (you dont have an 8yo in the U14s). You will still get a few huge kids, but at least the littler kids have the extra year of technique and mental development.

    I think this one gets a better "middle ground" than just saying "age or weight, pick one"....
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