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West Tigers club news


Even the pic on the official website is blurry...maybe they really don't want us to see it.
The latest BTR vid has the guts of the strategic plaan.


The club is a miserable merkin of place , and we fell for all the positive spin once again in 2024 only to discover the same old reality that the club is still an abject failure destined to another dismal year of embarrassment.
Cmon, you didn't fall for it did ya Macca? We all knew it was bullshit!


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LOL. Not quite ,, but did feel something different was brewing, particularly after 2 wins. I honestly believe this joint will never ever be successful again.... it has embedded genes in failure that just can't be unshackled ... I can't remember who mentioned it today about our 10 commandments , but it's true today as it was in years gone by and will be forever into the future. That is our unbreakable mantra 100%
PS .. God bless the Cambo fans who turned up today , they won't be back again anytime soon after that garbage.
Are you laughing because you think I'm being silly or your just at wits end like all of us and find thats all we have left to do ?
Macnaz I'm laughing with you not at you. I agree I think the club has gotten to the point where it can't be fixed and everyone would be better off if it just f**ked off.

Since 1990 there have been 34 seasons and we have made made the semis 3 times. I'm including this year as I think it's completely unlikely we'll make it.

I find myself enjoying footy more watching other teams play. The game is generally to a much higher standard. The games this Saturday were fantastic. Watching the tigers game was like watching a completely different sport. It's just not enjoyable any more.

The wests tigers are 25 years old now. Is that 25 years of experience in running a footy club or 1 shit year repeated 25 times with the exception of 3 good years.

Every time you think they may have taken a step forward they then take 5 back


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“I've always seen myself in the halves. I've leaned up a bit and I feel better and lighter. Maybe I'll come off the bench later in the year wherever I fit in.”

Revealing that he sees himself playing in the halves, he will have to contend for a spot with Aidan Sezer, Bud Sullivan, Lachlan Galvin, Latu Fainu and the arrival of Jarome Luai next season from the Penrith Panthers.

However, the Balmain junior is likely to compete for a spot in the centres or be used as a utility off the interchange bench.


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Good on the Wests Tigers for being bullish about trying to sign in-demand front-rower Stefano Utoikamanu on a long-term deal.

But there’s also a feeling the in-form forward is in no rush given his desire to play finals football.

In one of the strangest NRL contracts we’ve ever encountered Stefano has a variety of different gravy options in his deal.

The first one is if the big prop makes the Blues State of Origin side and plays two games this year then it triggers an option to remain at Wests Tigers.

The next one is if the Wests Tigers make the finals this year then it also triggers an option to remain at the club.

In the event none of that happens then Utoikamanu is a free agent as of November 1 with his contract with Wests Tigers up at the end of 2025.

Currently in his fourth season at the Tigers, like all players Utoikamanu wants to play September football.

So if the options fail to get triggered then we’re tipping he’ll probably hold fire until November 1 so he can test the open market.

You’ve only got to look at the success Luke Brooks is enjoying at the Manly Sea Eagles since opting for a change of club.

Once one of the most maligned players in the NRL, Brooks is now flying under the radar and simply playing his role with the Sea Eagles.

We hope Utoikamanu remains at Wests Tigers where he’s enjoyed a strong start to the season.

But there’s guaranteed to be plenty of rival clubs in the queue for his signature with the pitch being look what a change of club has done for Brooks.



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