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What are your favourite rugby league images ?



anyone know much about the leather balls?
my old man played for Green Valley in the 60s, and reckons they were almost as round as a soccer ball and if blokes landed on em they would break ribs
Remember when I went up to Townsville for a home semi against the dogs (06/7ish), and was having some pee match beers at the brothers footy club next to old dairy farmers. Some bloke on his 70s was with his son and grandson and played in one if the first ever nth qld rep teams as a teenager. For people that don't know for a tropical place rain doesn't happen that often in Townsville and is a running joke about the "bubble" around it when you look at the radar and it will be pissing down everywhere else except Townsville but when it does happen you can get 12 months of rain in about 20 minutes and can be brutal.

This happened halfway through the first half, not a shower, not a storm, was like someone pulled a trap door open beneath an aquarium and it was dumped on the field. So the leather ball was suddenly about 10kg heavier and must of busted a stitch at some stage from impact because when it have to kicking off for the second half the ball dribbled a few metres and the kickers ankle had a kink in it

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