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What Movies Have You Seen III


ok full disclosure, my best mate made this film and I was involved in developing the script (and am in the credits!). But I only recently got to actually see it when it premiered in Australia (it’s been out in NZ for a while) and honestly really enjoyed it. If you like offbeat dark comedy stuff, give it a go, you can rent it for less than the price of a beer these days:

With the price barbers charge these days, the whole meat pie/butcher shop scenario is redundant. :)

Congrats on the movie, I'll have a look, happy to support art and filmmaking.


First Grade
Zone of Interest. 8. Not going to be everyone's cup of tea, as it is a bit slow, but I found it interesting.

Different take on the concentration camp movie, focussed on the Auschwitz camp commander and his family.
In A Violent Nature.
Enjoyed this as it’s very 80s like horror/slasher movie.
Plenty of holes in the plot but the gory special effects are brilliant .
If paying homage to the multitude of 80s movies is what they intended when making this ( as bad as some of them were) they nailed it & the end was left open to make another.



First Grade

I've been looking forward to this one for a long time.....yet funny enough, Im still yet to see the prequel in "Pearl".
I enjoyed this movie. It took things a couple of turns that I didn't expect....but I appreciated the uniqueness of the movie.

That said, it did not pack the stings that "X" did. Mia Goth is certainly a talent though.


Most of the reports I've seen about this movie from people as well as reviewers have been positive. After seeing the sequel from Coming to America, Im certainly not expecting too much.

Yeah, definitely not as bad as the coming to America sequel
Axel F is a very 80s type of movie but just set in 2024. So it’s very predictable but that’s ok
It’s an easy watch, nothing special. They actually surprised me with the action sequences, I thought they were good
They overplayed the Axel F theme throughout the film, but I don’t mind it.
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