What now International Forum? Hot takes from the past two weeks.

Discussion in 'International' started by Burns, Nov 3, 2019.

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    Nov 2, 2013
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    Did last night happen?

    My head is spinning from what Tonga have achieved.

    It's going to be easy to be swept up in 'Tonga can win in 2021', but realistically, what will happen between now and the next group of International Tests?
    • The domestic Tongan scene must be sorted out, by say, February? Full investigation and proper appointments. Cannot afford to get this step wrong.
    • Eligibility. Could ... we see more players now pledge loyalty with Tonga/Samoa/Fiji etc? I wonder if Payne Hass, Papaili were thinking about donning a Samoan jumper after watching what Tonga have achieved.
    • New Zealand. Need to give that young Dylan Brown a start in the halves and do something towards building a more aggressive flowing style of footy.
    • England (Great Britain). They are in trouble? Have a real problem of scoring points against good opposition. Seem to be going backwards since 2017 RLWC Final. Next year against Australia in Ashes series could be ugly. Speaking of which!
    Next year! Is huge. Will be one year out from 2021 RLWC. Next year is all about development and building combinations and passion in the international jersey.

    • Oceanic Cup [Pool A] with Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand is a fantastic development opportunity for all three nations. If Fiji can get full squad on the field, I would give all nations a chance of winning. Where these games are played is a mystery. Fiji v NZ will be a hard sell. Take the game to Suva?
    • Oceanic Shield [Pool B] with Samoa, Cook Islands, PNG. An interesting pool that I really have no idea about. A chance to really develop that second tier in the Pacific.
    • Australia's Tour of Europe. Mal has said that in amongst the three matches against England, they want to play midweek matches against Super League Clubs or France. Hopefully France happens, because these Northern Hemisphere teams need all the matches they can get.
    • European Cup [?] Is this going to be happening to give Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Italy and France something to do?
    I've spent way too much of my Sunday morning this. How are you feeling International forum?
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  2. milton

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    Sep 6, 2005
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    I think Fiji needs to be the team next year to step up and send a message. They have come 4th in the past 3 world cups but never seem to get their best team on the park in the years between. They beat NZ in the last world cup but always get beat 50+ by Australia. They never get games against the 'big 3' between world cups so next year is their chance against 2 of the 'big 4'. They will need their full available squad in the Oceana cup to show what they are capable of in the lead up to 2021. They have the team to be competitive, just need more games together

    1. Kevin Naiqama
    2. Maika Sivo
    3. Waqa Blake
    4. Brayden Wiliame
    5. Suliasi Vunivalu
    6. Apasia Korosau
    7. Brandon Wakeham
    8. Kane Evans
    9. Joe Lovodua
    10. Daniel Saifiti
    11. Viliame Kikau
    12. Tariq Simms
    13. Jayson Bukuya

    14. Tui Kamikamica
    15. Ben Nakubuwai
    16 .Salesi Junior Fainga'a
    17. Korbin Simms
  3. siv

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    Sep 23, 2009
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    I would add Niue to Oceania Group B to make it 4 teams

    And develop a Oceania Pool C with Vanuatu, Solomon's and Tokeleau

    I would like to see a Asia Cup develop - Japan, Phillipines, India, Lebanon

    With a Asia Shield - Thailand, Laos, Hong Kong

    MEA Cup to revert to Africa Cup and invite Kenya

    In Europe

    British Isles 4 Nations - England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales

    Euro Sub-regionals
    - France, Italy, Spain, Malta
    - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Modovia, Russia
    - Poland, Germany, Czech, Netherlands, Ukraine
    - Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, Turkey, Hungary, Albania

    Euro Cup - Top 2 Britsh plus Top 2 Euro after a sub selection process
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  4. jim_57

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    Jun 29, 2008
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    Tonga & Samoa being in separate groups again gives a good oppurtunity to play Tonga V Samoa next year in a "friendly" mid-year whilst Fiji host NZ and PNG play Cook Is.
  5. adamkungl

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    Jun 3, 2005
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    This will be controversial - but England/GB/whatever shirt they decide to wear - need to punt Wayne.
    He's made them a grittier, tougher side, but at the expense of confidence in their own competition.
    They stuttered in attack because of Bennett's penchant for picking very average Australian players over home grown stars.
    Hastings would struggle to find a starting spot in the NRL.
    Coote had given up on the NRL.
    Austin too.
    And Widdop in the halves has always been a handbrake on his teams attack. Apparently no one else can see this but results over years and years speak for themselves.
    Williams Gale Tomkins are all better than the above but Wayne will keep picking these nobodies because they played some NRL.
    Punt him and start fresh before a home World Cup is flushed down the drain. England are currently on track to bomb out of the quarters.

    Tonga - Huge achievement. Need to be able to build on it by sorting out their political issues.
    Could Lolohea come back to the NRL with an improved attitude and live up to his obvious potential?

    Australia will go into the 2021 WC as very beatable favourites. DCE Munster and Cook are a far cry from the almost invincible playmakers Australia has had for the last 25-odd years. There's no obvious heir apparent coming through to replace the likes of Smith, Cronk, Inglis, Slater that have all retired.

    England and New Zealand can beat Australia if they settle on a quality halves combination and stick with them for the next 2 years. I think Shaun Johnson has to be in the picture for NZ. He's capable of a stinker but he's also the only NZ half capable of beating Australia on a good day. Foran is busted, Nikorima is garbage, Benji is too old. Hope Dylan brown can step up?

    Who else?
    Samoa need a new coach because Parish is failing to get the best out of an obviously powerful roster.
    France needs a new everything.
    Fiji continue to surprise but need a superstar to take them to the next level. Let's hope Wakeham cements an NRL spot.

    The rest.. keep building, keep playing more matches. A 16 team World Cup gives more opportunity than ever to take a big leap. PNG, Ireland or Wales in the right group could find themselves with a serious crack at a semi-final spot and a chance to really build over the next few years.

    The game is on the edge of something great.. will it bother to take the shot?
  6. jim_57

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    Jun 29, 2008
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    Surely regular tests between tier 1 & tier 2 are coming more justifiable by the day.

    I'd like to see Fiji really take the oppurtunity they've earned a few times over, with a full strength side I could see them beating one or both of Tonga & NZ. Imagine the shakeup if Fiji won the Oceania Cup the year after Tonga beat Australia, even Tonga winning it would still be big for then to get their first tournament win against tier 1.

    A Euro replica of the Oceania Cup is a must in my opinion, even if England walk it for the next 10 years with a SL based side. England having a 1-2 game headstart would be benificial for them in end of year tournaments.

    PNG are slowly getting there without the big influx of heritage that has helped Tonga, Samoa and a lesser extent Fiji. I'm hoping Olam and Gebbie can bith cement NRL spots this year and PNG can become a new "flavor of the month" like Fiji (wingers) have been in recent years. So much potential in PNG.
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  7. Walter sobchak

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    Aug 17, 2018
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    The kumuls are using more and more heritage players but I agree with you about the potential. How could anybody not what with the population of PNG nearing 9 million and growing every year.

    RL being the #1 sport also helps!!!
  8. yakstorm

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    Oct 7, 2003
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    Whilst the Oceania Cup remains groups of 3 and the mid-season Rep Weekend remains, two of the three teams only have one guaranteed Test Match post season.

    With the Oceania Cup taking place in 2022 and 2024 and the next GB Tour scheduled for 2023, there is a clear gap to fill.

    As such, I'd love to see the RFL bring back something like the old Federation Cup which could be played around any inbound tours and European Cup.

    You could have two from the pool of Fiji, PNG, Tonga and Samoa touring each time and even if they didn't play a tournament, they could each play 2-3 Tests to give the like of England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and France a high quality hit out.

    More fixtures for everyone, more cross-pollination of players, etc, more home fixtures for the European nations who need it.
  9. bazza

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    Aug 22, 2003
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    With Tonga winning against Australia and GB recently (and being competitive for the past few years), I think it is time for regular regional competitions between world cups (think the Euros/Asian Cup for soccer)

    2 years after the world cup play a Asia-Pacific championship.
    Start small say 4 teams - Australia, NZ, Tonga + qualifier (Fiji, Samoa, PNG, others)
    First time could be 4 week tournament of 3 double headers and a final
    If it becomes popular have more stand alone games and/or more teams

    There could be an equivalent in the European/Atlantic region e.g. England, France + qualifiers from Wales, Ireland, USA, Italy, Jamaica, Canada

    4 year cycle could be
    1. World Cup
    2. Europe/Pacific cup qualifiers
    3. Europe and Pacific cups
    4. Qualifiers for next world cup

    The really low tier nations could start the world cup and regional qualifiers even earlier
    During years 2 and 4 the big teams that have all ready qualified can arrange friendlies and longer tours

    Should give a cycle of regular meaningful games against other countries of a similar standard - plus provide enough opportunities to play against higher level nations

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    Sep 1, 2003
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    Well I hope this is turning point in another era of International football where the pacific nations are creeping up and the big 3 better be careful.

    I don't think Australia were embarrassed, lets get Tonga some credit, that side had a lot of NRL experience. Ive seen Australia play worse and still win, but this Tonga team was more committed. This result was bound to happen.

    I do believe Australia will get better once they get the right combinations or at least work better as a team. Obviously they're not the same without the likes of Slater, JT, Cronk and Smith. The current spine can work well, but I feel haven't worked well enough.

    Aside from the tour to UK next year, I'm not sure what other matches the Kangaroos have planned. I feel as though that since the World Cup they haven't play enough Internationals. The more tests the better.

    Someone fill me in on whats supposed to happen mid next year?

    Id like to see more Internationals during the year, reduce the NRL season a little bit, play another Pacific double header, PNG Vs Fiji and then Samoa and Tonga, imagine that at Bankwest Stadium.
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  11. myrrh ken

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    Jul 7, 2016
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    England and tonga should swap tiers

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