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What's good on Netflix?


Just said on the other thread, this is a superb return to form this season.

Agreed that EPs 4 and 7 were fantastic.

Best since season 1 but all are good to great.

This season in particular has really leaned into a bit more darkness and I'm here for it.

Shaun Hewitt

First Grade
Just getting around to Stranger Things S4 now,
3 episodes in and I am hooked!

Certainly beating the last two seasons, and dare I say it may even be on a par with the first season (that's quite impressive)

I just want to get home and watch!


Episodes 8 & 9 of Stranger Things were movie length. Probably equal to 4 episodes

I like the way they ended it, sets it up nicely for the final season


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Stranger Things and The Boys both look like they are the premier show on their respective services (Obi Wan take note).

While I enjoyed the moment and song choice with Chekhov's guitar IMO

Fade to Black would have been a great choice as Eddie was bleeding out
I know I’m very late to the party, but just finished Series 1 & 2 of Stranger Things.
Absolutely loved it. As a child of the 80s, the references, the music, the homages were brilliant. My wife and I were even picking out music cues, shot set ups, tone and dialogue.
Most importantly, I fell in love with the characters and plots.

My kids are 13 & 11 and they love it too (having watched it separately to us). Having grown up with my 80s tv, movies and music, comic books etc it was cool seeing them pick out references and songs ( hey dad…there’s a band called the Clash that sounds like Big Audio Dynamite’s The Globe - turns out they wikied it and looked up The Clash on Spotify before realising they did a song in the Young Sheldon soundtrack).

Winona, David Harbour and Sean Astin are fantastic in their roles. So cool thinking Sean Astin was a Goonie which is similar to the gang in this.

Anyway. Can’t wait to work through seasons 3 & 4.


Just started Lady Dynamite. Bizarre. Dark. Hilarious. It's about an actress who had a mental breakdown and is trying to make a come back. Episode 2 might be the funniest/best episode of a show ever. Huge number of guest stars from the comedy world too. Absolutely brilliant.


Staff member
Severance - 9 EPs, still have little idea what is happening.

The Midwich Cuckoos - gives me goosebumps, not many things do.

Severance is one of the best shows I've seen in years. Such an interesting concept, and a real mindf**k of a mystery.


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Watched Last Night in Soho on Amazon.

The first hour or so is amazing both visually and sound wise.

Once it goes into the genre it's listed as it fell apart IMO.

Shame because I could have watched ATJ and Matt Smith play off each other all day.

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