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Who'd like to win a Premiership?


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niners looking specials this year if injuries stay away. give me some julio and it should be checkmate. as for the eels, something something harold holt something something porch light


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'Cos it ain't gonna happen at Parra. Not for a while.

I've finally bitten the bullet and admitted it - while I (quite rightly) think that we can make the top four next year, that is as far as we will go. Watching the Grand Final yesterday (CONGRATS PENNO!) made me realise a few things:

1.) You don't need extraordinary players to beat the Top Teams. No offense to Penno, but they don't have any HUGE names in their side. But they convincingly won. It's a matter of standing up to your opponents, and giving it a go for 80 minutes. It's also an attitude issue. We here at Parra do NOT have that attitude.

2.) The opening 30 minutes was the most intense football I have ever witnessed. It is that sort of form required to win Premierships, and we do not have that. Watching Lang catch the ball and throw himslef tirelessly at the Roosters defence made me think - would Vella do that? Would even Cayless do that?

I'd like to think we have the talent to win it. But unless our attitude and style of play changes (why are we giving so many hit-ups to our second rowers from the kick-offs? FAir dinkum they're great, but that is the Props' jobs! And why are our wingers and centres trying to run it out of our 20?), we won't witness the greatness we did 2 years ago again.

I am not saying it's time for our coach to go. What I am saying is change. Change whatever it is you tell the boys before a match. Change however it is you coach them. Change your recruitng techniques.

And another thing, could you quit this "rebuilding phase" crap. The job of the coach and players is to win Premierships. AS MANY AS POSSIBLE. Instead of "rebuilding", you should be winning Grand Finals. Bite the bullet and do what you have to to get us there and win it. Otherwise, the Premiership will be dominated by the Roosters, Broncos, Warriors, PAnthers, RAiders and other top 8 teams that does NOT include Parramatta.

I don't know about you guys, but I for one want to see Parramatta win a Premiership in my lifetime.

Gees...this seems like a lifetime ago.

Eighteen-year old Eele was a sook.


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BAsically, what it comes down to (I think) is this - I don't think my opinion is 100% wrong; a lot of people agree with me.

Now, not I (nor many others) are professionals, but surely ir is an alarming trend if I and many others agree that we need BIG changes to improve.

I'd be happy if we can be good all year and make the finals and be competitive. Premiership victories, although I'd LOVE to witness them, are not that important to me. But Parramatta once again becoming a powerhouse is.

I mean, the thing that sh*ts me is look at our team:

2002 Team

1. Hodgson (NSW rep)
2. Burt (City-Country rep, I think)
3. Lyon (Australia and NSW rep)
4. VAeliki (NZ)
5. Moodie (NSW)
6. Dykes (Dally M 5/8 of the year)
7. McFadden
8. Cayless (NZ)
9. Drew
10. Vella (NSW, Australia too I think?)
11. Hindmarsh (AUS, NSW)
12. Hindmarsh
13. Wagon (QLD)

2003 Team (our best 13 barring injuries and form slumps)

1. Hodgson
2. Burt
3. Lyon
4. Vaeliki
5. Moodie
6. Dykes
7. Green (QLD)
8. CAyless
9. Morris
10. Vella
11. Hindmarsh
12. Hopkins
13. Wagon

In both cases what I see is a vast degree of talent in many key positions. We have the best centre, second rower and possibly (when fit) props in the world at our disposal, and we continually get nowhere. PLus we have dozens of rep players.

Shut the f**k up, you ponce.


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Whether or not Morley was going to be dropped isn't important. Since that game, he has become a monster. Same as the Panthers pack.

We have honest and skilled toilers in Hindy and Hopkins, but we NEED aggro forwards. Treacy I thought was good in this mould, but we need someone with sting in their defence. Anyone for Villasanti, Morley or Leuluai? ME! And PARRA!

I think this pack is a good one:

8. Cayless - aggro, has passion, strong, great defence, isnpirational leader

9. Morris - we saw later in the season just what he can do when he plays at his preferred position

10. Cannings - I think he will be an enforcer type, certainly in attack; he is nearly unstoppable

11. Hindmarsh - LOVE him; if only he could become more aggressive in defence

12. Armit - this bloke is tall (from what I remember), makes metres and isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty; with Hopkins off ther bench for him, I think it would work great

13. Muckert - I think Wags off the bench running at a tired defence would work great; this guy is GOOD

I just think BS needs to remind the pack that this is professional football, not ballet.

Shut the f**k up, you ponce.

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