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Why Gallen and Farah?


Why are Paul Gallen and Robbie Farah the scape goats for NSW's Origin failures for the past 11 years?

In our difficult periods, these two seemed to be the only two that tried. Gal's 80 minute performance at prop in 2011 was nothing short of amazing, and there were games where Farah would make 50+ tackles and be our only spark in attack. Seems as if angry fans need to blame somebody, and the two leaders bear the brunt, undeservedly in my opinion.



Qld are missing
...and NSW win

But it's because Gallen and Farah are not picked.

Farah maybe
Not Gallen.
I get why people hate him- he is an abrasive type of person.
But he is a freak on a footy feild
Truth is , without him in those games the score wouldn't have been so close.
We probably would'nt have won the one we did.

I've never seen him let a team down

He biggest problem in the past was he gave too much of a f**k


That's been their main issue in origin. They tried too hard and ended up stifling any attacking opportunity that nsw had. Also include Ennis in that.

Peats played a great game simply by not overplaying his hand in everything. Knew his job, and just did it. Crisp and clean.

Gallen was great coming off the line, or in the first few tackles of a set, but seems to think he is a playmaker and wouldn't let the backs do their job.


First Grade
There were times when both of them were handbrakes in our attack...too many times.

Robbie can fk right off, but Gallen made up for his deficiencies with superhuman efforts in other areas.


Please no matter how outclassed a team or player might be everyone tries in origin. Gallen is a great player but he used to be on the ball too much there is no doubt about it imo, he was getting the ball when the backs and halves should of been getting it, even last series there was a few times it was so noticeable Sterlo and Johns were bringing it up. I think he just felt like he needed to do it all or something. Robbie is selfish, hodges nailed it when he said he plays for himself. Jarryd Hayne does that also but he is good enough that you will cop it, Robbie was never on that level though, he was good enough to do it at club level but not origin.


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Playing a team with Inglis, Smith, Cronk, Slater and Thurston every single year had ALOT to do with it.

Make up your mind and don't ask some of the tards in here for their opinion.


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Robbie was a selfish player that always tried to overplay his hand. But this was no secret, everyone knew it. The selectors picked him because he was that type of player.

Gallen is unfairly portrayed as a player that stifled attack and tried to take over the halves. Complete bullshit. Because we tried so long to make Pearce halfback when he clearly wasn't ready, combined with a new halves partner every year, blues played an overly structured set of six. When attacking in the opposing half it was normally settler, set place, settler, set play, settler, kick (or some slight variation of this). Gallen took a lot of those settler hit ups. There were many reasons for this. One is that gallen is a tireless worker who will always do the job required of him. A second reason is that the outside backs and 2nd rowers were needed in those set plays that followed those settlers so it was up to the middle forwards to take those settlers which leads to the third reason being that for a long time gallen played with a few pea hearts in the middle so it was usually required of him and greg bird to double up on those shit settler runs

myrrh ken

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Gallen never really stifled the attack. He was selfish in taking 2 hit ups and not letting others step up. But i cant recall him ever having the ball on the fifth. Notice how everyone blames him taking it on the fourth.


Gallen wants the glory. He's selfish and gets in the way BUT a good half like Johns or Fittler would have commanded the team and made the game their own. This is why Gallen is better at the Sharks, they have Maloney running things. NSW have been giving Pearce the run of things and he doesn't seem to be able to run things unless the coach steps in like an overbearing parent.

Triple H

Nobody's a bigger Robbie Farah-uhh fan than Robbie Farah-uhh

Robbie's a total MARK for himself.

Gal is a man's man and a fellow juice head.


At least we're up to 3 scapegoats from just the 1.

Their record speaks for itself... or does that only apply to 1 bloke?

Sharks fans seem to be forgetting that even at club level they bagged Gal for hogging it and getting in the way of the backs until the last few years.

Farah's career has been trending downwards since Benji left for Auckland Blues.

Both players had massive games over the years effort and stats wise.
But we still didn't get the wins.

Variety of reasons, and one of them in recent years has been the favoured grind gameplan led by Gal and Farah.


Kungl's a turdburglar but he's right. Before this year, how many times did NSW get out there and have a genuine crack at qld, playing all-out attacking RL? A memorable one for me was game 2, 2015 when they played their best game in years.. then they lost by 50 the next game.

The incredible thing about qld has been that they can play tough and get in the trenches, but just as easily play some extremely attacking football. Obviously having a gun side for such a long time helped, but NSW consistently picked teams to try and defend their way to victory... and it worked... just once.


Farah was a hog who went away from the game plan and didn't service the halves nearly enough when they wanted it. Particularly later in his origin career, not so much the start.

Captain Apollo

First Grade
Farah was a hog who went away from the game plan and didn't service the halves nearly enough when they wanted it. Particularly later in his origin career, not so much the start.

It would be even more noticeable as the rest of the team would have no idea what he was doing, so Robbie would be running one out with no support.
Farah ran sideways too much and stifled the attack.

Gallen kept getting in the way, making it hard for the NSW halves to run the gameplan.

In regards to Gallen's effort in 2011, that would be the peptides.

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