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Why GI Chose Queensland

they weren’t.

03-05 was a blue hat trick.
NSW were an intercept try away from winning a 4th.
GI was in the 06 squad but got injured, so his choice had already been made.


Didn’t NSW have Gasnier and Cooper as SOO centres. Were seen as long term players. NSW didn’t give a shit and just said ‘yeah, let the kid play for Qld if they’re that desperate to play him, we don’t need him’?
Even if not true or there’s a semblance of truth, sounds like the stupid shit NSW would do.
This. Qld heirachy outsmarted nsw. I saw him play a trial as a 17yo at runaway bay the first year he played at north’s devils


It sounded from Greg Inglis comments he started to tire of hearing about it from NSW that he should be playing for them. It did get dredged up a fair bit during his career.

"I definitely think they should just get over it and move on. I hear they're still going on about it but I'm not changing my mind and I never will," Inglis said.

"They can whinge all they want to. In the end, I'm sticking to my colours and that's the way I am.

"Just move on. I'm a Queenslander. There's no doubt about it. My family couldn't be happier. If they're happy with it, I'm even happier."


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