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Widdop Fullback


It's Dufty's spot for now but we should still be considering other options if he doesn't work out. I just don't think Widdop should be one of them.

I think a full year of first grade will be harsh of Dufty's body and we'll need a ready made backup. I think Mann should be first backup (in fact I wouldnt be against him starting at fullback) before we start looking at Field/Marsters/Lomax.

In reality though, Nightingale will be there.


Many players have had crap coaches, check out JTs coaches at the Cowboys over the past 10 yrs.
Widdop is meant to be an international for goodness sakes.....The cream of the crop.
JT has had graham murray, neil henry and paul green. Not to mention mal meninga at origin level. This is over a period of 10 years. They arent shit kicker coaches mate. Widdop has had steve price and mary over a period of 4 years. CASE CLOSED

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