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Will it run?


So after Baker ringing around and Bensley also, they both figured we would be 2nd emergency for the Caulfield Cup. But you never know because trainers lie and play games with acceptances. If we were predicted to be 1st emergency we would have accepted and headed down.

It turns out that Waterhouse was playing such games and lies. She waited until literally 2 minutes before cut off to withdraw Entente. Too late for us to react and accept as the 1st emergency.

Just watch. Something will scratch now due to the predicted rain all week that would have played into our hands. Geez I hate that family.

Anyway, Mooney Valley Cup next week to try to get to the Melb Cup. If I were making the decisions I’d try via the Geelong Cup. I hate the Valley.

It breaks your heart but still good fun


I have one running around the Valley for the first time tomorrow in the Vase named Akihiro, I don't think there is a serious punter alive not all over the fav which I can understand, but stranger things have happened. He's been going pretty well for a little colt, but seems like he wants further so keen to see how he goes over the extra 2 furlongs.

Wish him luck, or hope Forgot You forgets to come out of the barriers.

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