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World Cup Sharks

Tiger Shark

Apparently Burton has the edge over Hynes to make the world cup squad.

You have got to be kidding me. Hynes plays more positions and is better at them.

On one hand its good he doesn't make it, less chance of getting injured and means he'll be training with the Shark more in the preseason working on his game.

On the other hand the experience and time with Cleary, DCE etc would have been very valuable for his game.

Joke he's not in the squad end of the day.


When was the last time a Dally M player of the year didn’t play a single rep game?
Ex Shark from 2013, Gigot, is in the Frenchies squad.
This is not an attempt to bring Non-Sharks players into the thread.
I just saw Gigot play his games for the Sharks and hoped he'd kick on.
It's for Rugby XIII sake.

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