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    Okay before i post the rosters etc.
    I just want to explain, i am writing RAW only! I have written the other rosters incase anyone wants to write a certain brand.

    ANYWAYS. My BTB takes place starting from January 1st, 2008. Vince McMahon SHOCKS everybody by having a draft, and yes champions are vulnerable. He also insisted that ECW will be the benefit most from the draft, as he is trying to increase ratings onto ECW. The Cruiserweight Championship makes its return. Backstage crew have changed slightly.
    Lets have a look at the new rosters


    Beth Pheonix
    Candice (injured)
    Chris Jericho
    Fake Smith
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    Hardcore Holly
    Jerry 'The King' Lawler (non wrestler)
    Jim Ross (non wrestler)
    John Cena (injured)
    Jonathan Coachman (non wrestler)
    Lance Cade
    Lillian Garcia
    Matt Hardy(injured)
    Mickie James
    Mr Kennedy
    Vince McMahon ( chairman of the board)
    Randy Orton
    Ric Flair
    Robbie McAllister
    Ron Simmons (non wrestler)
    Rory McAllister
    Santino Morella
    Shawn Michaels
    Stone Cold Steve Austin (inactive)
    Todd Grisham (non wrestler)
    Trevor Murdoch
    Triple H
    William Regal


    Ric Flair (SD!)
    Jesse (SD)
    Festus (SD)
    JBL (SD)
    Matt Hardy (SD)

    Jeff Hardy (SD!)
    Brian Kendrick (SD)
    Paul London (SD)
    Val Venis (ECW)
    Super Crazy (ECW)
    Charlie Haas (SD)
    Bobby Lashley (SD)
    Cody Rhodes (ECW)

    General Manager: William Regal
    Commentators : Jerry 'The King' Lawler and Jim Ross
    Backstage: Todd Grisham
    Ring Announcer: Jillian Hall

    WWE Champion: Randy Orton
    Intercontinental Champion: Vacated by Jeff Hardy (moved to SD)
    Tag Team Championships: Vacated by Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes (Rhodes has moved to ECW)
    Womens Championship: Beth Pheonix


    Ashley (inactive)
    Brian Kendrick
    Bobby Lashley (injured)
    Charlie Haas
    Chavo Guerrero
    Chuck Palumbo
    Curt Hawkins
    Dave Taylor
    Drew McIntyre
    Elijah Burke
    Gregory Helms(injured)
    Jeff Hardy
    Jimmy Yang Wang
    Justin Roberts
    Kenny Dykstra
    Michael Cole
    Michelle McCool
    Paul London
    Shannon Moore
    The Great Khali
    Teddy Long
    Torrie Wilson
    The Undertaker
    Vickie Guerrero
    Zack Ryder


    Jeff Hardy (Raw)
    Brian Kendrick (RAW)
    Paul London (RAW)
    Nunzio (ECW)
    Charlie Haas (Raw)
    Bobby Lashley (Raw)
    Elijah Burke (ECW)

    Ric Flair (Raw)
    Jesse (Raw)
    Festus (Raw)
    JBL (Raw)
    Mark Henry (ECW)
    Rey Mysterio (ECW)
    Jamie Noble (ECW)
    Matt Hardy (RAW)

    General Managers: Vickie Guerrero and Teddy Long
    Commentator: Michael Cole
    Backstage: Torrie Wilson
    Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


    World Heavyweight Championship - Edge
    United States Championship - MVP
    WWE Tag Team Championship - Miz and John Morrison of ECW
    Cruiserweight Championship - Hornswoggle


    Armando Estrada
    Balls Mahony
    Big Daddy V
    CM Punk
    Cody Rhodes
    Jamie Noble
    Joey Styles
    John Morrison
    Kelly Kelly
    Kevin Thorne
    Mark Henry
    Matt Striker
    Mike Knox
    Rey Mysterio
    Shelton Benjamin
    Super Crazy
    Stevie Richards
    The Mizz
    Tommy Dreamer
    Tony Chimel
    Val Venis

    Mark Henry (SD)
    Rey Mysterio (SD)
    Val Venis (RAW)
    Jamie Noble (SD)
    Super Crazy (RAW)
    Cody Rhodes (RAW)

    Nunzio (SD)
    Elijah Burke (SD)

    General Manager: Armando Estrada
    Commentators: Tazz and Joey Styles
    Backstage: Layla
    Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel


    ECW Champion: CM Punk


    Note, i am not using any real time, basically, because its i find it too hard to keep to a schedule, i will write 4 shows of RAW before i do each PPV. PPVs will be tri-branded, so probably seem strange until if/when people do other brands.

    If you get interested in writing SD or ECW, then just PM me. Thanks
  2. Big Pete

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    Dec 11, 2004
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    Sounds interesting enough.

    I'll take you up on your offer and write for Smackdown if you'd like?
  3. Shaun Hewitt

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    Oct 16, 2003
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  4. Misanthrope

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    Will be good to see how you go with this. Split diaries can be a real challenge to keep working, but they make for some great creative options if the team works well together.
  5. Shaun Hewitt

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    Oct 16, 2003
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    Just like to reveal that Big Pete has volunteered to take over both SD and ECW brands. Lets wish him the best of luck :)

    And an article on WWE.com says

    " There has been a slight change to the scheduled draft. It was scheduled that Matt Hardy was going to move to RAW, that move has now been cancelled. Matt Hardy will remain a member of Smackdown. It is not all bad news for Monday Night Raw, as they have now acquired the services of former World Heavyweight Champion, Batista."
  6. Big Pete

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    Dec 11, 2004
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    Was thinking about this thread the other day. I'm surprised we never actually got this off the ground. I remember writing a few shows out, but I think we lost interest pretty quickly.

    I know you've waited 12 years for it, so here was roughly what was going to happen.

    Edge as World Heavyweight Champion
    I was going to push Edge as hard as HHH circa 2000. After beating Batista & The Undertaker at Armaggeddon, he'd beat Jeff Hardy at the Royal Rumble, screw The Undertaker out of the Royal Rumble and beat CM Punk to merge the ECW and World's Heavyweight titles at No Way Out (I was too lazy to write both SmackDown and ECW). Somehow The Undertaker would get his rematch against Edge at Wrestlemania and would win.

    The Cruiserweight Championship Tournament
    I was going to bring the Cruiserweight Championship back after they decided to retire it on Hornswaggle. I remember the big idea was to bring back Ultimo Dragon and have him beat Jeff Hardy at Wrestlemania to put him and the championship on the map.

    New Factions
    Kenny Dykstra, Charlie Haas, Sean Morley were going to form an RTC like gimmick where they opposed gimmicks and were going to bring class back to Pro Wrestling. Dykstra was set to be the break-out star of the group and would help launch him. There was also going to be a European based faction between Drew McIntyre, Fit Finlay and Dave Taylor where they were going to be his coaches and Drew would get a strong push towards the US Championship.

    The Undertaker as World Heavyweight Champion

    After Wrestlemania, I'd have The Undertaker torment Vickie Guerrero until she quits the company. At first he'd be a babyface, but he'd go overboard and the Brothers of Destruction would form and become the dominant force on SmackDown. SummerSlam would be Bobby Lashley vs. The Undertaker in a Last Man Standing match. The run would last the majority of the year with The Undertaker going through Rey Mysterio, The Hardy Boyz, Drew McIntyre, Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison etc. before eventually losing to Punk who was going to be my long term project of the year and the face of SmackDown going into 2009.

    Random Ideas
    - Lita was going to return for the Edge/Jeff feud and turn babyface. I felt Lita deserved a better send-off and giving her character some form of redemption would be nice.

    - My idea for ending ECW was silly. Chavo was going to convince Vickie to buy out ECW since he couldn't beat Punk and he suffered an injury in their extreme rules match. Vickie would acquiese, but Punk would get the last laugh getting a Unification match with Edge at No Way Out.

    - Even though I knew it was silly, somehow my way turned out better than having Vince end it and allowing Zeke to become the last ECW Champion.

    - I didn't iron out the competitors for the Cruiserweight Championship, but I was going to bring in outsiders, specifically ex-WCW Cruiserweights like Juventud Guerrera and Psychosis.

    - The Cruiserweight tournament actually took up the majority of my focus and I was trying to build it around international talent. The only issue was, I had no idea what was happening in Mexico or Japan around that time, which is why I leaned heavily on old Cruiserweights.

    - TNA would later debut in Australia around March and I wanted the Motor City Machine Guns, AJ Styles, Kazarian, Jay Lethal and just about everyone in the X-Division, but really they were just names for Ultimo Dragon to go over.

    - I never had an end-game in mind for Dragon. He'd go through everybody until somebody emerged in wrestling I enjoyed. Most likely that would have been The Brian Kendrick.

    - Lashley getting released threw a massive spanner into the project because I just saw him as a Batista stand-in who couldn't talk. I needed him to stick around to get a better feel for his run for post-Mania.

    I'm what Sullivan would call a maintenance booker. I can keep a show floating, but as far as coming up with hot angles or storylines, I just didn't have that level of creativity. A lot of ideas were merely recycled from old booking projects from 2004 (hence Ultimo and Taker turning heel).

    The key for booking SmackDown that year would be trying to get Jeff Hardy over and avoid having guys like Kozlov and Kahli compete with HHH for the title. Taking care of MVP, booking The Brian Kendrick right etc. would be the other challenges.
  7. Shaun Hewitt

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    I'll have to see if I still have my notes on this.

    Probably not, but I can't imagine I'd have too much special lined up with that Raw roster lol

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