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WWE SuperThread II *Spoilers*


So any idea on where the bloodline is heading?

They are super over but almost as babyfaces… especially with Sammy making them all break all the time… 😂

but I’m assuming they will turn on Sammy to go nuclear heel…

i also thought maybe Jey could cost Roman his title… which could bring Jey vs the bloodline which would eventually build to The Rock vs Roman at WM.

i dunno just spitballing… I think the USO’s maybe drop the tag belts to Sammy and KO??
Turn on Sami soon enough, probably around Survivor Series, then probably feud with Cody when he returns (likely at Rumble - which he’d likely win). There’s not a lot left for them to do, they’ve pretty much gone over everyone there is.
Maaaaan…. I think Logan Paul might be one of the most talented newcomers I’ve ever seen. 😳
Doing one match every 3 months allows them to train him and produce everything to a fine detail. That said he’s been very impressive. Since the Arrow bloke at Summerslam 6-7 years back the bar for celebrity guests has been set higher. Bad Bunny has also done very well.

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