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Young Guns poll.

What players have forum members seen play live.

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baggygreen man

Im talking about losing Brett in the first place.
Have lost the plot. Josh went first. The Dogs remember. Brett stayed until recently.
So I'll ask again.. how did we stuff up the Morris twins and allow Josh to leave.
About not taking the chance to get him back when we had the chance AND reuniting the twins when we could've.
I have often wondered about that too. Musta near broken Slippery's heart when the brothers were split up.
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First Grade
He has a good side step and has a deft kick. Will be good to see him develop and get game time in the higher grades in a year or 2.

I hope we can keep him and have a pathway for him, he looks a promising type of half. I believe he's from Cairns and was picked up by the Sharks for SG Ball, so unless we have a clear way, there's always him returning to say the Cows.

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