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Zac Lomax

Veteran Dragon

Lomax has been performed poorly throughout his career until Flanno came along and worked his magic. Next year playing under a rookie coach he may not retain his current form if he is playing centre. Keeping a secret particularly like this one in the NRL is extremely rare and we may never know why he wanted to leave our club which is finally on the the upward path under Flanno.


First Grade
It is very bittersweet watching Lomax at his peak.

I mean I wasn't 100% against him being let loose at the time but I have to say I regret it big time.

Rava on his way out, Bostock killing it in fg, and we are now back to the Feagais and can't sign a bloody player to save our life...
We also lost that other young kid to Canberra. FMD we are a dumb team

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