NZRL 2016/17 Financials

Discussion in 'International' started by morningstar, Jun 19, 2017.

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    NZRL have enough in the kitty to cover the expected loss through lack of income from RLWC2017 and confirmation of at least one home test in NZ from 2018 onwards....

    NZRL reports surplus for 2016/17
    New Zealand Rugby League will report a 2016/17 surplus of $643,000 at the Annual General Meeting in Auckland later this month.

    This year’s pleasing financial result is up from the $342,000 surplus reported last year. The Perth Test match and UK Four Nations delivered returns ahead of budget.

    Reserves of $1.0 million have now been accumulated heading into the 2017 Rugby League World Cup from which NZRL receives no financial return. NZRL anticipates reporting a $1.0 million loss for the 2018 financial year which these reserves will fund, as international rugby league remains the key income source.

    The international calendar for 2018-2021 has been approved by the Rugby League International Federation. There will be announcements on 2018 fixtures in the coming months which will have the Kiwis playing at home annually.

    “This year’s financial surplus is pleasing,” NZRL chairman Garry Fissenden says.

    “With confirmation from the RLIF that the Kiwis will host a Test in New Zealand each year, we can be confident of NZRL’s financial security going into the 2017/18 year and beyond.”
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    I guess that's better than expected.

    Hopefully off the back of annual home fixtures (how this hasn't been a thing in recent years is insane) they can invest back into the local game and maybe host more money-making events.
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    Surprised that a Top 4 RLWC nation would be making a loss from the RLWC

    They should only have player and official costs

    Dont they get apperance money, prize money and a % of merchandise sales

    And dont the NZRL get a similar grant to the NSWRL and QRL with the Warriors playing in the NRL for rep team payments and grassroots development ?
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    I'm not sure about the grants but I've often heard the Australian Rugby Union complain that during a world cup year it is very tough for them due to the drastic reduction in revenue. I'm guessing it's because all profits are kept by the governing body to develop the game (which is where it should go to be honest).

    I don't know about prize money but I don't think they would pay any nation an appearance fee.
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    Why doesn't NZ play Fiji or Samoa before the test against England as a warm up and as another source of income.
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    When would they play it?

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