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Do we need two hookers in the side?

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  2. No

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    I think a lot of people on here are being very short-sighted in their views; they are focusing on the fact that Farah put in a world class performance against the Tigers but are overlooking all of Cook's good performances over the course of the season. I mean it was only a couple of weeks ago that people were saying that Farah was useless and should be dropped etc? I don't want to start WWIII because we've been over the same ground so many times regarding the hookers its becoming painstaking but you can bet your life that if Farah has a mediocre game next week people will start calling for his head and asking for Cook to be given a start. I think people need to stop being so cynical and accept the idea that playing two hookers is a good idea. Moreover, we also need to accept the fact that the hooking role has had absolutely no bearing on why we have lost the games we have this season. As I have explained before, our biggest issues have been two fold:
    1) Our last tackle options have been really poor for much of this season and unfortunately the blame has to lie with Adam Reynolds and
    2) The defence of outside backs, particularly that left hand edge, has been extremely shaky. In saying that, I thought it looked much better against the Tigers and I hope Madge stick with that combination.
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