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  • if we defend like we have and attack like we have without dropping the ball we will win. the first 20 or 30 minutes will look like we are going sh*t but we will run away with the game. the dragons only scored off our mistakes on friday night.ther attack is sh*3. when we attacked by offloading the dragons were shot but we kept on dropping the ball.

    big sides like the dragons come with liabilities. control them for the first 30 then the little man take control. our dummy half running will kill the dragons if we control the ball. the dragons a so slow around the ruck it is funny. also reddy and grothe can be caught out but attack sailors defence is twice as bad. attack his side and we will score at will. I would have mateo on sailors side as a ball player and we could score several tries.

    with hindmarsh in the side it is all about controlling the ball for the first 30 then attack.

    we can do it.

    also a fast sunday afternoon field with a nice tempature is also in our favour
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