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  1. Avenger

    Rumours and Stuff

    We should consider making him our Captain.
  2. Avenger

    Rumours and Stuff
  3. Avenger

    OT: Association Football, MK3

    What a silly Serb:
  4. Avenger

    Round 17: Eels V. Tigpies Team List

    The only plausible reason for Opačić to be on the bench is that a winger will be dropped and Blake will be placed there with that Slovenian prick taking a centre spot and N Brown being promoted to the bench.
  5. Avenger

    Eels in the media

    Well done
  6. Avenger

    Rumours and Stuff

    Ciraldo is a massive gamble.
  7. Avenger

    Rumours and Stuff

    One thing is for f**king sure if we lose one of our next two games, questions should be asked, if we lose both Arthur should be thrown out on his ear, Griffin style. I’d be putting in Carr as the interim coach until we find a suitable replacement. f**k it, I’d put in Flanagan, it’s not like he...
  8. Avenger

    Do you want Brad Arthur as coach

    It isn't if you go back to your original vote.
  9. Avenger

    Rumours and Stuff

    If we again stumble which seems likely I couldn’t give a f**k who stays and who leaves because once again we have fallen short.
  10. Avenger

    Eels Next Coach

    He would be my first choice.
  11. Avenger

    Rumours and Stuff

    Our defence has been shit on the edges because we replaced a poor defender on the wing (Ferguson) with another one (Simonsson).
  12. Avenger

    Rd16: Eels v Rabbits GAME DAY THREAD @ Accor Stadium 2/7/22

    If we don’t win both of our next two games I’d be tapping BA on the shoulder and sorting out an exit plan for 2023.
  13. Avenger

    Rd16: Eels v Rabbits GAME DAY THREAD @ Accor Stadium 2/7/22

    And how much did you bet?
  14. Avenger

    Eels Next Coach

    Let's be serious. I'd also add Payten as he technically hasn't extended beyond 2023 yet. I'd also include Seibold.
  15. Avenger

    Eels Next Coach

    @Twizzle Can you please put a poll to your thread? Ciraldo Flanagan and whoever you see fit.

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