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  • Look, I get it that you're cut about being exposed as a fool, but stalking now? As I said, grow up. Had to troll the thread to get to me, and then when I ignored you you resort to PMing me.

    That you need validation on an internet forum is your problem, speaks volumes about your mental state. I don't, so don't need to enter into an online debate with you about it. I also have no interest in being harassed, and since nothing you post has any merit will be putting you on ignore from this point on. So insult and PM away, it will be heading off into the ether.

    Keep on 'lecturing' to TRY (have emphasised that word for your benefit since comprehension isn't a strong suit in your skill set) and impress people. Little tip for you, it ain't working. You are easily seen as the fool that you are by all and sundry. That's why you're so openly lampooned.
    So you didn't understand my lecture on electrocution, but you got
    the gist of the seriousness of being shot by a taser based on not knowing when
    the Australia Card election was (85 or 86, or who whether it was hawke or keating).

    Science really missed out on you.
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