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    Off Season 2021-22

    Lawton was a grinding toiler. Loved him at the Warriors.
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    Ex Warrior watch 2021

    People talk about the cut throat of Aussie league but one good thing about Warriors is I could never imagine team mates not coming to console the person. The winger was such a dickhead and really poor look.
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    NRL Finals 2021

    You reckon he's ugly? I thought he was 'medium'. He's not a model, but he's no Corey Horsbrough either.
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    NRL Finals 2021

    Yeah Tom T is frustratingly non-dickheadish. Hard to dislike. What a dickhead!
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    Sack Nathan Brown

    not saying Nathan Brown is a good coach but i think any coach would struggle with the situations he faced. all the disruptions the players had with moving their kids to schools etc -- that's gonna play on their mind in training. you aren't getting the best out of them in those circumstances.
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    NRL Rd 24 2021 - General Non-Warriors Thread

    I'm calling it... Manly will put 60 on the bulldogs
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    2021 Bandwagon

    Storm -- I like Olam, Smith, Hughes, and NAS. Also the Bromwich brothers etc.
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    Team v Broncos

    are we short a big front rower? probably not with AFB playing big hours and making monumental metres.
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    3-2-1 v Bulldogs

    i presume the trent barett -999 is becuase of him moaning about the no-try; could not believe he would have the cheek to even mention that.. that was a send-off even now (post-'crackdown').
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    Team v Bulldogs

    a fast winger was just what we needed. i did not realize DWZ was this fast but that is great
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    NRZL pulls out of World Cup

    Also I am not happy about that :P
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    NRZL pulls out of World Cup

    would they get MIQ spots coming back to NZ though? Plenty of people can't get them (booked out till end-November.. December hasn't been released). Only people running scripts can get them; they fill up in the space of 1-2 seconds once released. It would be a kick in the teeth for a lot of people...
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    Sack Nathan Brown

    fairdinkim with the big wraps on Montoya. he isn't going to set the team on fire but he does a job at (i presume) a very decent price. big fan. always seems to be putting in effort (even if skills aren't super good).
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    NRL Rd 16 2021 - General Non-Warriors Thread

    can't recall a season before with so many blowouts. are any teams left that haven't had 50 put on them?! (outside of Storm and Panthers)
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    Team vs storm

    I am hopeful that Berry can take Pompey's spot on a more permanent basis. I don't think Pompey will develop much more, and he seems to lack pace and game awareness (setting up outside man, passing, positioning, etc. -- similar to many of our centres before him)

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