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  • Josh did mention joining another team and we have talked about the fact that we'd like to keep a tiny little core of the Easts team together if possible. Just waiting on a reply from Josh on Facebook and then will let you know whether we are officially throwing the towel in on Easts (just the F7s of course!!!). Thanks for the interest regardless; I love the F7s and definitely want to continue so it's nice to know that another team wants to pick up the strays!
    Hey, I'm a little unsure whether I'm replying in the right spot as I'm never used this Visitor Message part before, but I'll give it a whirl. I have played for another team before and would again if Easts don't get off the ground (which is looking the case at this point). Josh has been in contact with me to work out if there's any way to salvage Easts and what options we have, but yes, it looks like another team is on the cards!
    Haha good work!

    And I'm not sure yet cause tbh I've lost a lot of motivation to do it.

    I've had offers from a few other teams and I would prefer to go somewhere else cause they are better organised (no offence) and need a change.

    If we were to merge with another side, then I would probably continue for another year at least. I heard a new Melbourne side is coming in, we could merge with them, Souths, the Dragons or Eels....
    lol nah man i was at at rsl club watching it and drinking myself silly ha ha ha

    u up for cougars next yr
    Hey champ

    Were you at the GF last Sunday?

    Just curious cause I seen some bloke looking like you lol
    does it have to be on an entire team, or just one player?

    if its an entire team, well ill just do nz's wc side :lol:
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