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  1. hybrideel

    2021 Grand Final: Souths v Penrith Oct 3rd

    I'd say the missed knock on by Cleary making the tackle was a pretty big one, but will grudgingly admit Penrith were the better team for the vast majority of the game
  2. hybrideel

    Eels in the media

    Yeah I call bullshit that 1.2 Million people really follow storm. There are about 19 Million people in the eastern states. 6% of those are 5 and under. So out of the remaining roughly 18 million people, 1.2 million people, or 1 out of every 15 people are storm supporters. And that is saying...
  3. hybrideel

    OT: American footy thread

    Raiders will not be doing too much unless they fix up their first quarter efforts. outscored 21-5 and Carrs completion percentage in first quarters is abysmal
  4. hybrideel

    2021 NRL 360 + other Fox footy

    I remember that as well 2016 Corey Norman came 9th in voting and was the highest ranked 5/8 James Maloney got 5/8 in the team of the year and wasn't in top 10 The positional awards were voted on by a "Team of Experts" Out of 13 possible votes, Maloney got 8, Anthony Milford 3 and Norman wasn't...
  5. hybrideel

    Week 3 Finals: Storms v Ruffs + Silvertails v Rabbits

    and Bulldogs beat Tigers, Tigers beat Panthers, Panthers beat us, we beat Storm so Bulldogs premiers. It's an idiotic statement as teams match up differently against every opponent as strengths and weaknesses are not identical
  6. hybrideel

    Join the Parramatta Football Club!!!!

    I fit in it. I allowed for the possibility of me getting fatter or the shirt being smaller, and both happened
  7. hybrideel

    Join the Parramatta Football Club!!!!

  8. hybrideel

    Join the Parramatta Football Club!!!!

    Of course I could lose some weight. What's you point?
  9. hybrideel

    Join the Parramatta Football Club!!!!

    Got mine this week, nice shirt, sizes are small so I hope everyone added a bit extra when ordering them
  10. hybrideel

    I Dont' Like Cricket, Oh No, I Love it, Yeah

    My daughter is in a NSW development squad and I agree they are doing great things for the girls/womens game. They have really put effort into attracting girls from a young age and they are going to be even stronger in the future because of it.
  11. hybrideel

    Week 2 Finals: Parra v Penrith GAME DAY THREAD @ Mackay 18/9/21

    We got the challenge back from the Will Smith incident though didn't we? They said the challenge was successful but found another indiscretion to penalise us on. Gutho tried to challenge the Ray Stone knock on out of Dummy half in the last few minutes but Klein said he couldn't because it was...
  12. hybrideel

    Rumours and Stuff

    He also has win a premiership with the Eels as a goal
  13. hybrideel

    Rumours and Stuff

    If you are referring to my post, where exactly did I say he wanted to leave?
  14. hybrideel

    Week 2 Finals: Parra v Penrith GAME DAY THREAD @ Mackay 18/9/21

    So according to Annersely, the Stone "knock on" call was right. However I am almost positive that when Gutho asked to challenge the call, Klein said he couldn't because he called it a forward pass which can't be ruled on by the bunker.
  15. hybrideel

    Rumours and Stuff

    I wouldn't be surprised if Papa goes back to the Warriors after his contract is up. Hearing his comments about how hard it was to leave his family and friends in a recent interview and how he needed the wake-up call makes me think that now he has proven himself, if the Warriors come calling...

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