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  • Hi. Could you please change my thread title re Hobart Tigers RLFC ? I rushed the title of the thread and spelt 'Tigers' Tige'
    Hi Nuke

    You must be the famous Logo man? You might have heard Bunbury (The South West) have started a League club. Wondering if you interested in doing our logo for us. We had a couple of go's at it and they are good but not quite right. We are getting a bit desperate as a new club we got heaps to do and work out and we can't do much while we don't have a logo.
    We'd be grateful if your able to help
    Mel B
    Hey mate, how's it going?

    It's been mentioned that you're able to help out with some graphic design work? ... I'm seeking a logo for this 'red army' group; and have a rough idea of what I think "might" be good (granted, my opinion could be awful).

    Are you able to help at all? . Not sure how much I can afford (payment wise); though am keen to get a respectable logo underway!

    Cheers buddy.
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