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  1. Inferno

    2022 squad

    Supposedly Chicko is training with us at the moment. I had heard he was on a trial and train with the dogs.
  2. Inferno

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Warriors signed Ash Taylor on a trial and train deal. That could cool their interest in Metcalfe at least for next year.
  3. Inferno

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Really? The salary cap for the Tahs is only 5.5 million, you'd think they'd be on more than 7s players. An article from 2018 regarding the 7s suggests the minimum wage is under $45,000. They also all took huge paycuts last year -...
  4. Inferno

    2022 squad

    I think Tricky already has a decent kicking game to be honest. His bomb and long kicking game are better than Chad's. Given his age though, there's a high ceiling on his potential you'd think. He will definitely benefit from the extra footy he played off the bench this year.
  5. Inferno

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    I can't imagine it would be much coin. You wouldn't think a Rugby 7s players would be on much more than a league minimum wage. Wouldn't surprise me if it was less.
  6. Inferno

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Don't the Warriors have a stack of halves? SJ is back there, they've got Kodi Nikorima, Chanel Harris-Tevita and Sean Sullivan. How is he higher up the pecking order there than here? He and Moyza are off contract, why not spend the year battling it out against him for the 14 position? Given...
  7. Inferno

    Dale and Nicho

    Between these two guys and McInnes I wonder when the last time was we recruited such quality at once.
  8. Inferno

    2021 other games...

    The only club Bennett went to that was a rabble was the Knights and he did nothing for them. That club was no better off after he left. He joined the Dragons in 2009. In the four seasons leading up to his arrival the team finished: 7th, 13th, 6th and 2nd. Joined the Bunnies in 2019. In the...
  9. Inferno


    Started with Presto and the two Langs. They definitely repaid us with Lewie and Graham. After Sorro and Capewell we're definitely two in the red. I wonder whether it might be harder for Penrith to keep players now. You might take less to try and win a premiership with your mates but once...
  10. Inferno

    Happy 5 Years

    I was there live but have never watched the replay. Five years is probably enough time that I could watch it and enjoy it given we've gone passed the salary cap/drug scandal phase that could cause us to have it taken off us. Maybe I'll watch it today.
  11. Inferno

    NRL & Media Double Standards

    I am mighty curious about that BBB. Do they treat this situation or the Reece Walsh. one as pissing positive? No reason why they should't really but the NRL has been silent on that.
  12. Inferno

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Got no interest in Kapow. He's passed it. Between Jack Williams, Rudolf, BHU, Hunt, Talakai, Finucane, Pele, Fifita and likely Tolman we already have enough middles IMO.
  13. Inferno

    The ‘Anything and Everything’ Thread

    Coke has a pretty short half life. I think you'd have to be tested within ~24 hours or so for it to show up.
  14. Inferno

    2022 squad

    It would be a shame to lose Briton but if he wants to go, Teig is a ready made replacement. He was re-signed off the back of a break out rookie year and was a John Morris signing. He's also not really gone close to reaching those heights since. Could be he's on decent money and we're creating...
  15. Inferno

    The ‘Anything and Everything’ Thread

    They were lower in 2020 you muppet because people were staying at home and practicing social distancing! If we did nothing you'd be happy for 1 in 50 people you know to die from it?