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  1. innsaneink

    Daine Laurie

    "hi babe.... Do you know who I am and who I used to play for"
  2. innsaneink

    The 2022 Build Up thread

    Wests v Warriors GF 😘
  3. innsaneink

    Match Discussion: Round 15 vs Melbourne @ Sunshine Coast Stadium

    We're gunna get reamed How longs Mby Vlandys ball is a different story... We'll be defending all night... Possession something like 65/35 their way Hammering Hope I'm wrong
  4. innsaneink

    Best NRL Pubs

    Beverly Hills hotel. Huge screen in main bar... Low seats in front, stools.behind.. Good food
  5. innsaneink

    Match Discussion: Round 15 vs Melbourne @ Sunshine Coast Stadium

    We're gunna get reamed How longs Mbye out?
  6. innsaneink

    News RiP Tommy Raudonikis

    One of a kind Tommy 😪
  7. innsaneink

    News Boyd Cordner retires

    Fantastic career.... imo sounds like head knocks affecting him already
  8. innsaneink

    Season 2021

    Only way is up I guess
  9. innsaneink

    Luai, the new JT?

    cocky lil blighter
  10. innsaneink

    Lawrence Retires

    Can't blame him for pulling the pin, with the horrific injuries he's had I wouldn't be pushing my luck either. Deserved so much more. what a great club man and a class act. Thanks Rowdy!
  11. innsaneink

    What a crock of sh*t

    Hullo boys... 12 year bump! Not behd
  12. innsaneink

    New Zealand coins

    Yep I had a feeling that would be my only option other than donating.. might just donate it or head down to the quay to visit the buskers
  13. innsaneink

    New Zealand coins

    I've come across about $100 in NZ coins . .. $2, $1 and 50c. Where in Sydney can I change this to Aud?
  14. innsaneink

    Where the Tigers are headed

    I really dont know if we over-achieved...yeah the first five weeks we DID overachieve, but then we had a 2 month plus winless block which I would class as underachieving and moreso than when we OAed at the season beginning, if you get my drift? Agree with your other points, would love to see us...
  15. innsaneink

    News Jarryd Hayne convicted of aggravated sexual assault

    Cant find anywhere if he was bailed or not

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