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May 6, 2021 at 5:44 PM
    1. Cliffhanger
      Yeah it is still a complete mystery why he did that, he must of ran of Smith's dog or something. I had a tear in my eye when he got injured. Showed a lot of determination and desperation to score and we were really struggling to get over the tryline, like we have all year. Dead set could not score in a brothel .
    2. Cliffhanger
      Well he wasn't named in either of the lower grade squads, so it's likely he is 18th man. It's just that there's so many liabilities in our backline already. Seriously have you seen J.Carney, watch him for lols.

      Linnett was good and the poor bastard literally pulls himself apart to score a try after Smith finally gets his head out of his arse and selects him. At least it wasn't in vain and he got the ball down.
    3. Cliffhanger
      Personally I hope they bring in Kheirallah, your boy can't tackle, sorry.
    4. Cliffhanger
      You were asking about Blair right? He might be playing this round after all, apparently Perrett is still not ready.
    5. Cliffhanger
      I know what you meant I was just being a dickhead.

      I love dogs but yeah I don't think I could eat with one at the dinner table.
    6. Cliffhanger
      What ever do you mean? Dogs don't get away with sitting at the dinner table.
    7. Cliffhanger
      Awww, inexplicable self confidence is adorable. Like a puppy dog who thinks he can eat at the dinner table.
    8. Cliffhanger
      I'll let you assume for that, that way when you're struck with reality your self esteem will flail that much worse. BOO YAH!
    9. Cliffhanger
    10. akazie
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