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  • If we get a coach, the next two areas are financing and players.

    I'd like to find an area business to "buy" the team. Invest money into the season with the costs of playing kits, travel expenses, field usage, (possibly players) and in return they'll have the ability to advertise their business in a different medium and even make a profit if we can maximize revenue streams (admission, merchandise, sponsorships).

    Most players that we get will most likely be brand new to the sport. For this reason 2012, may be a developmental season against some reserve sides so that they can learn the game. The Vipers were constantly being stopped by the referee for infractions becuse they didn't know the rules well enough.

    Currently, I'm writing a lot of material about the Pittsburgh area and it's viability to support a rugby league team.

    In all, after watching a few games, I feel that this sport has huge potential as a summer sport in the U.S..
    I'm really going to know a lot about that in the next few months. Here's what happened....

    Ken, the guy that ran the Vipers, decided to step away from the game. He was pretty much running the team without any help from the players. I can on board to help him with the website and printed stuff, but I had never even seen a rugby league match before let alone run a team.

    I've taken the last year to get myself up to spped on the sport (the laws, teams, personnel). I'll be searhing for a coach. That's the first priority. Without a coach, there's no team (and let's face facts, I can't coach since I've never played the game).
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