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    Here it is - the latest edition of The Front Row, our exclusive online e-magazine with a full wrap on last weekend's NRL and Super League along with the match programme for the coming round!

    Ahead of Women in League Round this weekend, this bumper issue has plenty of features. Paul Jobber chats to Erin Molan about life in broadcasting, footy and more. Joshua Wells talks to NRLW player Botille Vette-Welsh about her rise in the women's game. We've also got Rick Edgerton's weekly finals piece, this week looking at the spines of each of the top eight sides. We also look at Old Boys Day through the eyes of Newcastle prop Daniel Saifiti.

    Add to that all the regular features you've come to expect - a full NRL Round 19 programme - and you have one fantastic 36-page magazine for your weekend's reading!


    Guest, click here to read online or download your free PDF copy

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