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Recent content by Leber

  1. Leber

    Rookie of the year - Walsh or Walker?

    I hate this team sometimes.
  2. Leber

    Penrith from everyone’s second favourite club in 2003 to absolute hated club in 2021:

    Storm are a lot more likeable these days without referee Smith.
  3. Leber

    Who should we sign for 2022

    Im quite worried about centre tbh. We lost hiku to the cows, lost aiken to the second row and pompey is shit.
  4. Leber

    Rumor Mill

    That would be amazing. But they hate each other.
  5. Leber

    Worst injury you've ever seen?

    A super league game. Chev walker I think? Broke the bone and it came through the skin. Clip was on YouTube. Still might be.
  6. Leber

    Rumor Mill

    I think CHT would do well at 9. I think taylor is an upgrade on SOS, but hes about the same as CHT.
  7. Leber

    Ex Warrior watch 2021

    I think we could only keep one of Pompey/Herbert. And as usual, we backed the wrong horse.
  8. Leber

    2021 Season reviews.

    The worst decision brown has made all year was resigning Tevaga. That and continuing to play Evans
  9. Leber

    Team v Titans

    Go titans. Much rather them in 8th over the sharks.
  10. Leber

    2021 R25 Sun - Gold Coast 44-0 Warriors @ Cbus Super

    Who will prevail in the Konrad Kup.
  11. Leber

    2021 R24 Fri - Warriors 16-28 Canberra @ BB Print

    Hey Warriors, how about you play shit and lose 7 games in a row, THEN decided to play good when the season is over. Thanks guys.
  12. Leber

    2021 R24 Fri - Warriors 16-28 Canberra @ BB Print

    We should throw this game to let the raiders win. I’d rather them in the 8 instead of sharks/knights.
  13. Leber

    2021 R23 Sun - Brisbane 24-22 Warriors @ Suncorp

    To the point where I don't often watch warriors games with him. It's too annoying.
  14. Leber

    2021 R23 Sun - Brisbane 24-22 Warriors @ Suncorp

    Checcin shouldn’t be allowed to ref warriors games